"The transformation I received [while working with Louise], was the ability to openly explore and ask questions regarding what I was experiencing in my physical and spiritual bodies. From the guidance I received, this provided me with a safe space to continue to ask questions. It was the beginning of my spiritual awareness and awakening."
​Orlea Rollins
"​Louise has such a calming attitude & embracing personality that I feel truly cared for while I am at Holistic Haven.
I have found a kindred spirit in this lady and Holistic Haven is a place for me to go to find understanding and consideration. She and her angels give me hope that I can move forward against the PTSD. I feel  healed even when I am in chaos. Thank you Louise without your healing skills and understanding I am not sure I would have found my angels or any peace.."

"​Louise is a gifted healer with many years of experience and has many ways to help balance the body, mind and spirit! Anytime i have had a session with Louise, i feel we have done great work together to help bring me back into balance!"
"​I have had the pleasure of having an Energy Reading, Healing Touch and Reflexology done by Louise. I find her to be a compassionate, gentle, knowledgable and sincere practitioner. I have and will continue to recommend Louise to my friends, family and other folks."
"​Meeting Louise for my first ever Rahanni experience was a transformative experience for me in my journey of healing and for that I'd very much like to thank her. Her approach was warm and calm and I felt very comfortable with her, despite this being my first experience with body work of this kind. I've since gone back for a number of visits to try various other forms of Healing Touch and energy work. Louise is always professional and personable and has a wealth of knowledge to share (and is continuously generous with sharing books, CDs and other resources with her clients). I don't consider myself a spiritual person but I've always remained open to other ways of knowing and viewing the world; I would highly recommend Louise's services to anyone looking for ways to heal trauma, deal with stress in their lives or deepen their understanding of themselves from an energetic standpoint."
"​I appreciate Louise's calm demeanour and welcoming aura. She always devotes time at the beginning to 'check in'. She makes me feel at ease and comfortable quite quickly and it establishes a spiritual connection that helps our work. She has the most amazing hands. I especially liked her foot reflexology treatment. We are lucky to have someone like her in the territory."
I always look forward to my sessions with Louise! Energy and Reflexology sessions always leaving me feeling relaxed yet rejuvenated. The readings I've had with her are always very insightful. She finds the things that "I just can't put my finger on" or provides clarity where I am unsure. I leave in a better position to help myself - either feeling much lighter or knowing what I need to work on. The best part is her genuine, caring compassionate nature.
P.S. The foot cooling spray and blister treatment were both life savers during my European holiday!!
"​Louise has created a cozy, calm environment which is so relaxing.
I love both the facial pressure point massage and the reflexology.
I am a great believer that these treatments are good for one's health and emotional well being. When I leave after a peaceful hour of quiet meditative treatment I feel completely calm and stress free and re-energized for days!"
"​Since I have begun receiving a variety of treatments from Louise, I have been healthier and happier, and more in tune with myself. My immune system has never been so strong. Not only does Louise have many skills, she is wise and positive, and just being around her makes me feel good."