The first record of Reflexology was found in an Egyptian physician's tomb dating back to 2330 BC. Evidence of reflexology has also been found in Chinese and Indian cultures dating back thousands of years.

Today's methods of foot, hand and ear reflexology are based on the work of Dr. William Fitzgerald who pioneered "Zone Therapy", and Eunice Ingham who systemized the therapy in the 1930's.

The original form of facial reflexology ( Dien Chan ) was developed by Professor Bui Quoc Chau in Vietnam at the beginning of the 1980s. Lone Sorensen from Denmark developed Facial Reflex Therapy  Sorensensistem ® at the same time. 

What you can expect in a Reflexology session

  • You recline in a comfortable zero-gravity chair or on a massage table depending on your preference. You are required to stand for Vertical Relflex Therapy.

  • You remain fully clothed during the session, only removing your shoes. You will be covered with a blanket if required.

  • The Reflexologist will work on your hands, ears, or feet, starting on your right side and working all the reflex points on both sides.

  • Rosehip Seed oil is used during a Facial Reflex Therapy session and various tools are used during a Dien Chan session.

  • A session lasts 60 minutes.