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What is Rahanni Celestial Healing?

Rahanni means "Of One Heart"

Rahanni Celestial Healing is a new healing light that vibrates on a pink ray of light and love, helping to change consciousness to bring inner peace and healing to the body and mind by releasing negativity and fear based ways of thinking, and balancing your masculine and feminine energies.
This planet is now anchored in the 4th dimension which means it vibrates at a higher frequency and its energy is lighter and finer. Rahanni can assist with the impact that this frequency change has had on our physical bodies, and open us up to love, kindness and compassion.

What you can expect in a Rahanni Celestial Healing session

  • The practitioner will discuss your areas of concern with you and you will both agree on your goals for the session.

  • You remain fully clothed during the session, removing only shoes, belts and watches. You may be covered with a blanket if required.

  • The practitioner will place their hands at predetermined points on your body. If you prefer not to be touched, her hands will be held above your body. You may experience feelings of heat, cold or tingling, and a feeling of deep relaxation.

  • The treatment may last from 45 minutes to an hour. Allow an additional 15 minutes to assimilate the work and discuss your experience after the session.​

  • The practitioner may make suggestions for work that you can do on your own to enhance the healing experience.
If you would like to offer this beautiful healing modality to others, you can take a Rahanni Practitioner training class. For more information, click here.
Louise Dawson with Carol Stacey - Founder of Rahanni Celestial Healing.