Preparation of these products is a highly personalised experience, so please contact Louise Dawson to discuss what will be best for you. She will be able to answer any questions you may have and can also send you a product price list.


Meditation blends

Salves designed to pamper your feet, hands or any other part of your body that would benefit from their amazing properties. Therapeutic blends of essential oils are combined with carrier oils chosen for their healing properties.
Blends of essential oils designed for invoking Archangels and Ascended Masters or balancing your chakras. They are combined with Jojoba Oil so can be applied directly to the skin or smoothed through your energy field before meditating.

Custom blending

After discussing your requirements with you, a registered aromatherapist will provide you with a range of essential oils taking into account any pre-existing medical conditions, allergies and personal preferences. You will then select 4 or 5 of the oils that you prefer and the aromatherapist will create a blend using those oils. The blend may be combined with a lotion, carrier oil, or with water depending on the use of the blend.