Facial Reflex Therapy Sorensensistem ®

What is Facial Reflex Therapy?

Facial Reflex Therapy Sorensensistem ® is a reflexology treatment carried out on the face using precise stimulation of reflex points, nerve points and zones on the face and scalp. It was developed by Lone Sorensen who describes it as "A reflex technique based on the neuro-biochemical action that is caused by stimulating an area or a point, and which has both a general and / or partial effect on the entire organism." It is based on many different disciplines including Traditional Chinese Medicine, and the Vietnamese face map and points used in Dien Chan.

What you can expect in a Facial Reflex Therapy session

  • The practitioner will discuss your areas of concern with you and will then carry out the basic treatment protocol to assess the area of greatest imbalance in your body.

  • The practitioner will then design a protocol especially for you, based on your healing priorities. This protocol will be followed in future sessions.

  • You remain fully clothed during the session, and can choose to lie on a massage table or sit in a zero-gravity chair. You may be covered with a blanket if required.

  • Pure, organic Rosehip Seed oil is used for stimulation of the points and zones on your face.

  • Appointments take approximately 1 hour. A course of treatments is recommended, especially when working to clear a chronic issue. The benefits of the treatment can continue for some days after the session.

  • Where appropriate, you will be given points to work on yourself at home.
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