Energy Reading

What is an Energy Reading?

An Energy Reading is a reading in which the practitioner connects with you on a spiritual level and asks your Spirit to show her how your energy is flowing, and whether there are any issues that are having an impact on your life right now.

The reading may take the form of a 7 layer aura reading, or an assessment of how your energy is flowing through your 7 main chakras. This may give you insight into:

  • your physical reality (Root Chakra/Etheric Body);
  • your emotions and sexuality (Sacral Chakra/Emotional Body);
  • your power and energy distribution (Solar Plexus Chakra/Mental Body);
  • your affinity for self and others (Heart Chakra/Astral Body);
  • your self-expression and communication, speaking and listening (Throat Chakra/Etheric Template);
  • your intuition and truth (Brow Chakra/Celestial Body); and
  • your connection with Spirit and your higher self (Crown Chakra/Ketheric Body).

The practitioner will offer to assist you with clearing any issues that may arise during the reading.

Holistic Haven provides a safe place for you to explore the inner reality of your Spirit as it expresses itself through the physical world.
"Right now, your intuition is awakening and urging you to seek, seek, seek for the light."
~ White Eagle ~